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If you want to see you and your horse improve give him a call!!!!

I bought my ID gelding in April 2011 as a very green 4 year old. Steve already came to our yard to teach and after watching a couple of lessons I decided to book one for myself. From that point I have never looked back! His friendly manner, understanding nature and vast knowledge has seen us go from strength to strength in our training. Steve underpins the exercises we do in our lessons with theory which really helps cement in what I am doing and why. Nothing is too much trouble for him; he even came to an event to see how we performed under pressure to assist with our training. Steve just seems to ‘get us’ and challenges us in each and every lesson. He has helped me devise a training and fitness schedule ready for our first attempt at BE this year and over the winter my dressage scores have improved no end, even reaching their 70’s!! Steve constantly pushes me and Finn to realise our potential but in a non-aggressive and helpful manner, I definitely know I’ve worked hard after a lesson (!) but know that it’s worth it from what we have managed to accomplish.
Long and short of it is Steve is one of the best instructors I have had – if you want to see you and your horse improve give him a call!!!! :-)