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I wish I had found him sooner

I have been having riding lessons with Steve Pryde since 2006 and can thoroughly recommend him. I have owned my own horse for 12 years and Steve has taught me for half of that time, helping me get the best out my horse (I wish I had found him sooner!). Steve is patient, encouraging and knowledgeable, never raising his voice at either horse or rider and always willing to get on your horse to show you something if you don’t quite understand; something quite important if the instructor is to understand what the rider is feeling.  My horse can be quite stubborn at times and Steve has never failed to get the better of him, trying new and different techniques should there be a need (never resorting to a big telling off with the stick!!). The fact that Steve is a horse owner and competes his own horses means ‘he has been there and done it’ and this invaluable experience comes across in his teaching.