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Modern and fresh approach to training

I have known and trained with Steve for about the past 4 years. During that time he has worked with me and my current and previous horse. Both very different in personality ( the previous being a very stroppy but sensitive mare!) and Steve has helped me to bring out the best in them both. Tailoring our sessions to suits the needs of them both as individuals.

I am not the sort of person who would benefit from an ‘old fashioned’ approach to training (basically being barked at for the whole session!) which is why I pursued training with Steve initially. His modern and fresh approach to training both myself and my horse is refreshing, positive, constructive and most importantly fun and a good laugh!

He is easy to get along with and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. His training methods are effective, open minded and the welfare of the horse and rider are always priority.

Steve has also accompanied me to competitions helping me to work in and provided support and encouragement when it’s been desperately needed!! Over the years he has become not only my trainer but also a good friend whom I trust impeccably and who’s opinion I hold in the highest regard.

I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone. Whether you are of an advanced level brimming with confidence or a nervous more novice rider wanting to improve, I believe Steve would be an excellent choice in trainer and would strive to bring out the best in you and your horses too!!

P.S. he didn’t pay me to say any of this!!