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Since I have been having lessons from Steve I qualified for the Pet Plan Winter Nationals

I met Steve at Eland Lodge Adult Camp last year 2014. I had not jumped for a number of years and he was extremely kind and encouraging teaching me great strategies and techniques.

After the camp I decided to have regular lessons with Steve with the advantage that he come to me.

I also have a younger dressage horse that I  compete.  I found he was really helpful with the flat work, having useful training exercises and he is very good at test riding and knowing what the judge is looking for.

Since I have been having lessons from Steve I qualified for the Pet Plan Winter Nationals came second in the semi-final and eighth in the final. I am now getting scores in the 70%+ and have qualified for the Summer Regional Finals 2015.

Jenny Green

The coffee and cake help

We have thoroughly enjoyed all of Steve’s talks that we have been lucky enough to attend.  He is incredibly informative; pulling together the many facets of complex subject matters to make them understandable and accessible to the horse enthusiast at any level.  He does this with such relaxed ease and such a great sense of humour that they also make a first class evening’s entertainment – and the coffee and cake help with that too!

Harriet Pattison and Meada Wadman

I wish I had found him sooner

I have been having riding lessons with Steve Pryde since 2006 and can thoroughly recommend him. I have owned my own horse for 12 years and Steve has taught me for half of that time, helping me get the best out my horse (I wish I had found him sooner!). Steve is patient, encouraging and knowledgeable, never raising his voice at either horse or rider and always willing to get on your horse to show you something if you don’t quite understand; something quite important if the instructor is to understand what the rider is feeling.  My horse can be quite stubborn at times and Steve has never failed to get the better of him, trying new and different techniques should there be a need (never resorting to a big telling off with the stick!!). The fact that Steve is a horse owner and competes his own horses means ‘he has been there and done it’ and this invaluable experience comes across in his teaching.

Ashleigh Pauls

A coach who has the ability to help you get the best from your horse

I have known Steve many years on both a professional and personal basis. He is a kind, considerate person who is highly professional, very knowledgeable and has that crucial ability to be able to coach others in a constructive and effective way. Whether you are in the early stages of your riding journey or are a keen competitor I would highly recommend Steve to you as a coach who has the ability to help you get the best from your horse.

Joanne Parkes

Learners of all types and ages need good coaches

Learners of all types and ages need good coaches, coaches who can relate to individuals and through their passion, drive and enthusiasm make a difference. I have seen Steve benefit so many learners through these qualities and help so many people progress and grow in confidence and ability. It would be difficult to find a more reliable, committed and understanding coach if you were an individual seeking someone to support you on your equine journey.

Marcus Clinton
Assistant Principal - Kirkley Hall Northumberland College (Previously Head of Faculty, Land Based - South Staffordshire College)

If you want to see you and your horse improve give him a call!!!!

I bought my ID gelding in April 2011 as a very green 4 year old. Steve already came to our yard to teach and after watching a couple of lessons I decided to book one for myself. From that point I have never looked back! His friendly manner, understanding nature and vast knowledge has seen us go from strength to strength in our training. Steve underpins the exercises we do in our lessons with theory which really helps cement in what I am doing and why. Nothing is too much trouble for him; he even came to an event to see how we performed under pressure to assist with our training. Steve just seems to ‘get us’ and challenges us in each and every lesson. He has helped me devise a training and fitness schedule ready for our first attempt at BE this year and over the winter my dressage scores have improved no end, even reaching their 70’s!! Steve constantly pushes me and Finn to realise our potential but in a non-aggressive and helpful manner, I definitely know I’ve worked hard after a lesson (!) but know that it’s worth it from what we have managed to accomplish.
Long and short of it is Steve is one of the best instructors I have had – if you want to see you and your horse improve give him a call!!!! :-)

Debbie Maxwell-King

Modern and fresh approach to training

I have known and trained with Steve for about the past 4 years. During that time he has worked with me and my current and previous horse. Both very different in personality ( the previous being a very stroppy but sensitive mare!) and Steve has helped me to bring out the best in them both. Tailoring our sessions to suits the needs of them both as individuals.

I am not the sort of person who would benefit from an 'old fashioned' approach to training (basically being barked at for the whole session!) which is why I pursued training with Steve initially. His modern and fresh approach to training both myself and my horse is refreshing, positive, constructive and most importantly fun and a good laugh!

He is easy to get along with and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. His training methods are effective, open minded and the welfare of the horse and rider are always priority.

Steve has also accompanied me to competitions helping me to work in and provided support and encouragement when it's been desperately needed!! Over the years he has become not only my trainer but also a good friend whom I trust impeccably and who's opinion I hold in the highest regard.

I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone. Whether you are of an advanced level brimming with confidence or a nervous more novice rider wanting to improve, I believe Steve would be an excellent choice in trainer and would strive to bring out the best in you and your horses too!!

P.S. he didn't pay me to say any of this!!

Kirstie Hall